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Psychotherapy Spiritually Yours®️

What is Psychotherapy Spiritually Yours or PSY®? This is a unique psychotherapy method which I created relying on my academic studies (Master’s degree in Psychology / Ph.D in History) and my professional expertise and background as a spirit medium. PSY® helps you grow personally by focusing on your spiritual journey. We are not primarily experential human bodies, instead, we are Higher Selves (some people call this a "soul," others call it a, "conscience," or, "atma") benefitting from a human body to experience life. Although many seekers believe in the concept of reincarnation, PSY® does not claim to answer questions about the existence or non-existence of God--it is not related to any religion. PSY® is not exactly spiritual psychology; it will not help you to become awakened:  you already are. This method will help you in your search for better existential understanding.