What do I offer ? 

  • Individualized and tailor-made personal insight into your metaphysical journey
  • Psychological support
  • Heart and love centered advancement
  • Guidance for living a more purposeful life
  • Support in healing from spiritual wounds, employing quality positive psychology and spirituality. 

I will not foresee your potential future (despite the fact that such is possible), you are the master of your life. You have free will. 

Your Higher Self has planned learning processes from the cradle to the grave which your conscious mind is not fully aware of. I’m here to help you better understand your hardships on a karmic level, to enlighten your obstacles with a new way of thinking. But this process will NEVER make the problem disappear (mainly because that’s not the goal!) This is why I purposefully chose to allow my personal intuition to also guide my work, relying not only on my academic studies. Intuition is fully integrated into the PSY® psychotherapy method. 

Is it really for me ? I’m not sure…

Do you know something’s missing in your present life, but are not sure if my professional services are for you ? I invite you to book a "Your First (online) Appointment" session (duration : approximately 1 hour) to see whether this approach works for you. Whether you choose to stop here or to continue with further appointments, this first session is completely independent from the usual psychotherapy’s cycle of 5-12 online exchanges (30 mins each).

What else ?

  • To complete your spiritual (web)seminar, or separately, you can also opt for a course in:  the spiritual field of hardships, the meaning of life (or death), the ego, etc. Courses cover various themes.
  • As a graduate of the University of Staffordshire in Hypnosis, I practice regressive hypnosis face-to-face only in the Paris (France) or Athens (Greece) area.