Your first online appointment

Your First (Online) Appointment

Is this symposium just what you were looking for… but you’re not sure if Psychotherapy Spiritually Yours -- PSY® is really for you? No worries : you’ll have one full hour to decide and make up your mind.

What can you expect from this first session ? 

  • I’ll ask you many questions regarding your needs, your desires, your spiritual journey, the obstacles you’ve encountered, etc. 
  • I’ll briefly explain how I work, what I can do for you… or not ! 
  • Limits of Psychotherapy Spiritually Yours -- PSY®: Don’t expect a change within a few hours or days. PSY® psychotherapy requires a lot of effort. It is never easy to put oneself in question. 

What I will NOT do for you : 

  • I will not coach you. To explain why not, I’ll tell you a joke : “a coach has great questions for your answers, focusing on performance and how to do it well. A counselor has some great answers to your questions!" Consulting, on the other hand, can be offered by anyone with expertise in a specific area. Counseling emphasizes your psychological well-being primarily, but not entirely, through advice. They are often used interchangeably, and have many similarities with psychotherapy, despite some important differences such as finding a long-term solution for a recurring problem, seeing overall patterns, etc. Psychotherapy generally requires more skill than straightforward counseling. 
  • I will not do the (spiritual) work for you. This is your pathway, not mine.  
  • I will not perform miracles. Sorry, wrong door. For that, there is religion.  
  • I won’t resolve your psychological burdens despite having a Master’s degree in that field. I chose NOT to work as a psychologist dealing only with “normal” people.  
  • I will not give you a ready-to-use method. That’s not how PSY® works. You will have to use what you learn to find you own answers.  

Price : 99€ + 2.18€ ( 2.2% GST ) = 101.18€ (bank & tranfer fees at your expense)

Duration : Between 50 mins and 1h 10 mins approximately  

Working hours : usual office hours of the time zone GMT +1 (Western Europe), I may eventually work on weekends if such is really needed 

Cancellation policy: any cancellation within less than 48 hours of our appointment will be charged (for emergencies: accidents, E.R. visits, etc.--proof required before possible reimbursement). 

Disclaimer: Despite having an MA in psychology, I am neither an MD nor a pychiatrist. Should you have a medical emergency or require medical treatment, please go to the ER or consult with your physician. 

Price : 101.18€