(Introduction To) Some Spiritual Themes

There’s a wide range of subjects such as "be aware, believe, and follow your inner voice," "why you should meditate, even, and especially if you, are not Buddhist," "the benefit of controlling/containing your ego," and "your Higher Self cannot die", etc. There are approximately 30 spiritual themes, but, your pathway only needs to enlighten some of them. I’ll simply point you to some particularly well-known spiritual tools at your disposal. 

Send me a private message to discuss the particular topic you want to focus on before buying any training. 

This is not a PSY® session; I won’t explain the why of any spiritual problem you may face, nor lighten the feeling of your spiritual burden. However, any PSY ® course you purchase that includes at least 5 sessions grants you a free online meeting dealing with any spiritual field you choose to better start your personal divine journey. 

Each session is divided into two parts: theoretical explanation, making up 50%-90% of the session (main objective), followed by a practical part concerning you, someone close to you, an ordinary (wo)man you may know, an (in)famous person from history, or a celebrity (real or not).

Warning : Once again, I give you the material to use, and it is up to you to apply it or not. I will not coach you (even if I can). 

Price : 59€ + 1.30€ ( 2.2 % GST ) = 60.30€ (bank & transfer fees at your expense) 

Duration : approximately 25 minutes (usually between 20 and 30 mins) Working hours : usual office hours of the time zone GMT +1 (Western Europe), I may eventually work on weekends if such is really needed 

Cancellation policy: any cancellation within less than 48 hours of our appointment will be charged (for emergencies: accidents, E.R. visits, etc.--proof required before possible reimbursement). 

Price : 60.30€