About Me

I was born in 1974. After receiving my Ph.D in History, I worked in the private sector (accounting and sport sectors), and then as a public servant (police officer, public finance, repression against fraud and consumer protection, 2nd Lieutenant of customs surveillance). While pregnant with my first child, my resolve to do deeper spiritual research led me to the study of the human psyche. After receiving my Master’s degree in Psychology, I decided to focus only on that field, particularly the branch of positive psychology "naturally" linked to spirituality through coaching and hypnosis trainings. It helped me better handle my mediumnity. 

My university studies and main training courses in chronological order :

  • Certification in Accounting and Financial Studies 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in History (University of Hertfordshire - UK) 
  • Master’s of Science with Distinction in Psychology (University of Hertfordshire - UK)
  • Life Coach (Spiritual Coach) 
  • Certificate in Teaching French as a Foreign Language to Adults 
  • Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis and Stress Management (University of Staffordshire - UK)
  • Regressive and Interlife Hypnosis Training 
  • Master of Arts in Modern Greek Studies (Interdisciplinary) (King’s College - UK)