The Sessions

The Sessions

I’m here to support you on your spiritual journey, to help overcome your hardships, and to connect you more deeply to your true Self, your Higher Self !

Is there a discount ?

Question : “Why don’t you discount the price for buying 10/15/20 appointments ?” Answer : Each psychotherapy PSY® is tailored to your needs. Some Seekers may book 5 sessions with me, others 12. I purposely chose to charge a lower price than that of an average spiritual pilmigrage. I don’t distinguish between people, as each karmic path is personal. I don’t want to make you think that a spiritual explorer like you would benefit further from buying more sessions than necessary, simply as an excuse to create an attractive but artificial marketing discount.  

Price : 69€ + 1.52€ ( 2.2% GST) = 70.52€ (bank & transfers fees at your expense) 

Indicative Duration (I can lose a minute if needed) : approximately 30 minutes (usually between 25 and 35 mins) 

Working hours : usual office hours of the time zone GMT +1 (Western Europe), I may eventually work on weekends if such is really needed 

Cancellation policy: any cancellation within less than 48 hours of our appointment will be charged (for emergencies: accidents, E.R. visits, etc.--proof required before possible reimbursement). 

Price : 70.52€